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Founded on the mean streets of Brooklyn almost 20 years ago, Appaman has grown into one of the most iconic children's clothing companies. Appaman is inspired by, and named after, the childhood companion of founder and designer Harald Husum.

While growing up in Norway, Husum befriended a corduroy ape named Appaman. Together they traveled the fields and fjords of their native land, sharing many fantastic adventures. Appaman reflects the whimsical spirit of those youthful times and celebrates the unbreakable bond between a boy and his ape.

Appaman has a unique Scandinavian perspective on Ameripop iconic imagery. Husum finds inspiration on the streets of New York City and translates it into his ever-changing palette of vibrant garments. Every season new pieces are created, and tried and true favorites are updated.

Launched in the Summer of 2003, Appaman has grown at a steady pace, adding to the collection every season, expanding with fun pieces, and exploring new collections. Although Appaman is growing, we never forget our commitment to customer service and garment quality.

Meet the Founders

Meet Lynn and Harald who co-founded Appaman almost 20 years ago out of their tiny 600-foot Brooklyn apartment. So far, so good, and the fantastic adventures keep on coming. Give your kid some street cred, and wear Appaman.

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